I am overjoyed and thrilled beyond measure to be a speaker at TEDxMSU. TED’s mission sings to my heart because I believe that communities can change the world when they are brought together to share ideas. In my role as Vice President and Chief Disruptor at the Morgridge Family Foundation, it is my mission to inspire and empower individuals to make a difference in their communities and find their path to creating an impact.

The first time I went to a live TED talk, I knew I wanted to be a part of this forward-thinking society. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would be a TEDx speaker. The previous speakers who have stood on TED or TEDx stages have provoked my curiosity and shared perspectives that captivate my imagination. Of course I am nervous to follow them. Standing on the TEDxMSU stage is an honor and a challenge that warrants nerves.  Even though I speak constantly and am confident in winging it, I wrote this speech as soon as I was accepted.

I am grateful to take a more active role in the TED community, and to share the message that every single person can contribute to making the world better. We can all join the conversation and be a part of solving today’s most pressing issues. I am eager to work with the TEDxMSU team to craft my message and pass the inspiration baton forward.

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