I was overwhelmed when I was selected to give my first TEDx talk. I have been a fan for years, and after watching hundreds of inspiring videos, I truly had to pinch myself. What was even better was the first round of coaching I received. My coach Dafna told me right away that she is here to make sure I have the best TEDx talk ever! Wow! I took pages of notes, carefully listened, and even got to practice with her.

Since then I have practiced and iterated my speech several times. The way I improve my speech is by giving what I think is the best version on a Zoom call with my team at the office. After listening to the same three people in my office give their opinions, I allow my husband to listen and advise too, and then I get in the pool and swim laps until the speech has changed. Then I try again. For me, exercise while writing speeches is the best way to iterate and improve, and I get a good workout – a double win.

From when I first gave my talk to today, my speech has changed tremendously – and we all agree for the better. I have gone from sharing everyone else’s story of disruption, to sharing my own journey of how I became the Chief Disruptor. Talking about myself is outside of my comfort zone, but with the help and encouragement from my team, I understand why making the leap is so crucial to my speech. I hope my TEDx talk will encourage others to use their uniqueness to disrupt, to take my four pillars of disruption, and use them in their own lives.