The reason why we applied was to get the experience of public speaking on a large platform. We thought that presenting would be fun and interesting. We both value education and examining alternative modes of communique. We also value social justice and seeking to disrupt abusive hegemonies. We also both enjoy academically and intellectually challenging ourselves, and we both knew that giving ourselves the chance to present through the TEDx medium would accomplish that.

The application process was accessible but required diligent thought and attention. The first thing that we had to decide upon was a topic, so we spent time defining and narrowing our scope. We both wanted to decide on something that we were interested in, so we spent time brainstorming, outlining, and organizing our thoughts. The prompts of the application required us to reflect deeply upon our audience, purpose, and rhetorical situation. Since we value the importance of collaboration, we asked for and received assistance from peers who were also applying for this opportunity. We found this very helpful, because we were able to anticipate possible reactions from our audience on our topic. Throughout this process, we were becoming increasingly excited.

When we were accepted, we were very pleasantly surprised! It is not every day that you get to talk about anarchism on such a prestigious platform! With the acceptance came the great responsibility to accurately reflect the rich philosophies of anarchism. We are aware that with such a large platform, it is our duty to demonstrate the value of radical thought.

We are equal parts excited and nervous for our opportunity to present on the TEDx stage. It is our first time co-presenting in front of such a large audience. The most prestigious presentations we have given have been at academic conferences, so this definitely tops that! However challenging, this is going to be fun!

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