Preparing for this talk is about just as much work as we expected this to be. Ted and Tedx are prestigious, and to attempt to ascend to the echelon and caliber that is required for such prestige has proved quite difficult.

We still feel that we are only beginning to prepare for giving this talk, but we remain hopeful.
We have been doing a lot of brainstorming and deciding what we are to include in our talk, out of all of the possibilities that our topic allows us. This is taking a large amount of time, maybe more than either of us anticipated. We want to be informative in our talk, while also being entertaining and convincing our audience of an idea that we are still honing. That is probably the most difficult part of our talk.

Coming to grips with a mutual understanding of our topic has also been a process. We each have our own understanding of anarchy, and we have realized that we must first get on the same page for us to make the same, joint message about anarchy in our talk. Fortunately, anarchy is a collaborative process, meaning by working together, we can accomplish this task! We are both a little stressed as we are both busy with also being students with jobs, but our being friends makes all of those obstacles easier to overcome.

One very enjoyable part of our preparation has been the research.
We are both very interested and passionate about the political philosophy of anarchy, and attempting it to apply it to our everyday lives in order to make it comprehensible to most people has been both challenging and eye-opening. This has felt a little like the academic assignments that we construct for class, only this project is simultaneously more daunting and more fun (don’t tell our instructors!).

One recurring image that keeps coming to mind is that of both of us standing in front of our audience on the Tedx stage. Knowing that we will accomplish such a feat, to give a Tedx talk, proves effective in motivating both of us to be determined to give the best darn talk that we can possibly give.