First of all, I am very grateful for three things;

  • being chosen to speak at TEDxMSUDenver. This was the fulfillment of a dream.
  • the comradery and support from all the other speakers and entertainers,
  • the astonishing training, preparation, support, and execution from the organizers of the event, Becky, Christy, Dafna, and Mike from TEDxCherryCreek.

I underestimated my need to prepare, maybe because of earlier public speaking opportunities that I thought went ok, (I’ve since readjusted my previous, too-generous evaluation). Truthfully, it took much more time, energy, and focus than I anticipated but it was all worthwhile. I successfully gave my talk but I also learned how to give my talk. My training experience will likely be my largest personal benefit.

There was never a hint of competition amongst the speakers or performers, in fact, everyone was very supportive of each other. Competition was so far from our minds that it was days after my talk before I realized it wasn’t there.

Preparing was the most difficult, long-term challenge I’ve done in several years. The public speaking, I didn’t think was going to be hard but I woefully underestimated how tough it would be to hold myself to a ten-minute limit. At every previous presentation or keynote address I’ve gone on way too long. Even in the extremely unlikely event that I get nothing else from this experience, learning how to prepare and practice was a very valuable lesson.

Even though my memory of my short moment on stage is blurry, like a groom who is too into-the-moment on his wedding ceremony to remember it all later, I surprised myself at how well I could actually remember my talk. I think I added a few small things that I would like to have back, I don’t believe I left anything out.

What do I want to do now?

  • Write a paper or article for a peer-reviewed journal or popular magazine expanding on my TEDx Talk
  • Reprise my talk to my co-workers to ask for their professional feedback
  • I would like to pursue what national scientists, engineers, and academics think of my idea. Let me find out if it is full of garden fertilizer or might really be something.
  • Continue to expand and grow this idea of homo sapiens spatio. Expand the summary of Earth’s fragility and eventual death.
  • Compile and distribute a list of additional sources of information
  • Do another TEDx talk – maybe the next iteration of this same idea, or maybe a new one altogether.