I teach strategy and sustainability at MSU-Denver and am always looking for stories to share with my students that reinforce the notion that great strategy often occurs when you reimagine the status quo. This is particularly true when you design strategies that try to protect the environment or increase inclusiveness in the work- or marketplace.

The company that I became involved with twelve months ago exemplifies how reimaging possibilities can create competitive advantage for the company, as well as create a better world for us all.

Every time I share the story of Blue Star Recyclers with others, the response is always the same, “what a great story, I didn’t know that a company like this could survive!”.  For this reason, I knew that when the opportunity to share the story on TEDxMSUDenver was offered, I had to apply. The process itself was very easy except for a 30 second video. I am a college professor, it is extremely hard for us to say anything in thirty seconds, especially when it is something that is so central to the topic I teach, a process to create successful and inclusive business strategies.

Somehow, I was able to get the video done and then waited to see if the story that I had to tell was as important to others as it was to me. Happily, it was.

Today we began the process of refining the story that I will be telling in September. I am learning new ways of developing and preparing an impactful story. These new skills I plan on sharing with my students this fall and into the future.

Most importantly, I am preparing to tell an important story about how expanding inclusivity is not just a feel-good thing or a smart strategy thing, it is the right thing.

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