What was it like to present at TedxMSUDenver? Well I, like all of us, had a lot to say and had a very short time to say it. That was stressful. Drop kicking my microphone battery onto the floor and almost into the audience early into the talk made it a little bit more stressful. Yet in the end, the power of the story, the coaching I received over the past three months, and then the support I felt from everyone at the event, overcame all of the stress and allowed the fun to take over.

It was fun to tell the story of Blue Star and what it can mean to the future of business. It was even more fun to listen to Tonguebyte and watch the MSU Denver dancers perform.

The most fun, though, was listening to all of the other speakers and hearing all their great stories. I deeply admire their passion and courage. For those of you that have not done something like this, it isn’t easy to overcome the nerves you feel standing in front of a large number of people. This is especially true when your talk reveals so much about you as a person.

The talks of my colleagues revealed who they are as people, what they are passionate about and, for many, the hard road they took to discover their passion. That was what it was like for me to present at the TedxMSUDenver event, to learn more about myself and to be inspired by all of those around me. It is an experience that I would recommend to anyone.