Our message of meaningful inclusion seems so simple.

Currently we are not including individuals with disabilities in our classrooms and workplaces. We know that there are positive outcomes for all when we do include everyone. Simple right?

Not so simple!

The questions given to us at our first training forced us to dig deep. First, why do we need to spread the message? Why is it worth spreading? The next question we were given is why us? Why are we spreading this message?

These two questions have guided us in refining our presentation to create what we hope will be a powerful and memorable presentation. It feels like an enormous responsibility to call on employers, educators and students to look at ability rather than disability. Wouldn’t we all like to be seen for what we can do and not be defined by the things we have not yet done.

We are excited to help people think about what they might accomplish, or help others accomplish, by building on strengths and abilities.

It’s a big idea.

Not simple at all!