People discuss their ultimate “bucket list” of skydiving, vacationing, achieving milestones, etc. When I would try to create my own, it didn’t feel as exciting.

I absolutely cringe at the thought of all things height related and adrenaline producing. I am more of a “relax on the couch with a smorgasbord of food and a handful of my friends, chatting about the deep pains and joys of life” kind of gal. So I don’t have a bucket list , rather a bucket dream , to be my own, Brene Brown . If you don’t know who Brene is, I beg you to google, youtube, and do the research because you will not be disappointed.

I have always wanted to be a motivational speaker, a Ted “talker.”

As an alum of MSU, I get emails from them quite often, but I saw an email come through titled, “ Seeking Applicants: Tedx is coming to MSU Denver. ” ( Excuse me, what?)

I filled out the questions and recorded a video of what I am passionate about sharing. I held off on submitting for a couple of days, because this is my bucket dream ! I knew I had to do this so I clicked submit but didn’t tell anyone.

I didn’t hear anything for awhile and thought “Hey, at least I tried, that’s a ‘win’ for me.” To my surprise, I got an email saying I had been accepted! I can’t describe what this means to me, because I am still in the clouds , but what I can say is honor your tries . Send the email, submit the application, take the job, leave the city; whatever your gut tells you is part of your journey, do .

I can’t believe I get to start coloring in my Ted Talk dream page, but here I am.

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