Giving my TEDx Talk was by far one of, if not, THE coolest day of my life this far!

The experience was indescribable quite honestly. I have to say that the preparation and the training’s laid out before hand was the hardest part. The anticipation for the big day was the most terrifying. BUT the actual talk was INCREDIBLE.

Being able to watch the other speakers give their talks was inspiring, there were so many amazing humans in one room just giving the world more and more. I was the most present that day, than I have been in a very long time. I kept taking in the fact that I was here, I was with others, I was going to speak, etc. When it was my session to give my talk, that is when the nerves kicked in full swing and I started second guessing it all. But I was not about to let my fear of imperfection prohibit me from doing what I was made to do. And then I heard my name and I was walking out on stage, HOW COOL!? It felt natural, it felt right, and it felt impactful. I felt more purposeful in 7 minutes than I ever have.

My favorite part though, was getting to talk with the audience at our round-table interactive session. What a humbling and profound moment to hear from complete strangers than maybe our hearts, souls, and minds weren’t strangers at all. Connecting and building relationships with people that day who chose to SHOW UP like I did, made it a success in my book. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t share my gratitude enough. And SHOW UP folks, you deserve it and so does the world!