Emily Yetzbacher is a corporate operations manager who works with staff and clientele to foster welcoming, authentic and effective relationships, ensuring productivity and retention within the workplace.

Yetzbacher believes that work culture is essential for successful companies and staff performance, with accountability being the key to maintaining positive work environments. Yetzbacher supported Danielle Shoots – founder of the Daily Boss Up, the youngest CFO for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, former vice president of business operations for Comcast, and fellow Tedx Mile High speaker – in implementing culture and staff experience as the director of culture and advocacy for the Daily Boss Up, a career- and leader-mentorship blog.

Prior to her current role, Yetzbacher has experience in case management and advocacy for marginalized populations within metro Denver. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from MSU Denver.

Finding a company that values social work within the workplace has been a mission of Yetzbacher’s, leading to her ultimate goal: to bring awareness, education and implementation of the dire need for preventive procedures to combat burnout culture and high turnover rates among professionals across the globe.


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