Communication is funny. It has become more elusive the older I get.

I think I have realized that ‘communication’ should not be a single word, it should have 27 different words that all surround different ways and meanings of ‘communication.’

It is tough to communicate well all the time, much less with differing audiences! You communicate with your family one way, your friends another, and your business colleagues in yet another fashion. Now wrap all of those into a TEDx audience and you realize that communication is complex.

My message in the TEDx talk is not complex, but the real challenge is having it be understood and relate-able in some fashion to many.

If I want to meet my goal of getting all of you to stop and think about the topic, it must be well communicated, whether you are strangers, my employees, friends, or family. No small task, but a fun process to think about all of your perspectives and how you can and will receive the message.