Are you familiar with those moments where you think you ‘know’ how you will feel about an event or experience, but once you are in it you get a bit of a shock factor? Those times where an experience is NOT what you expected? Do a Ted Talk if you don’t know what I am talking about!

I do a lot of speaking and am used to being in front of groups, but a Ted audience is different and giving a Ted Talk is different. I was so moved by the audience – by the feeling of being totally vulnerable, yet supported. No podium, no notes, add several video cameras, a big audience and some solid nerves and you are on your way! The talk itself was wildly empowering, as I realized how committed I was/am to the topic of empowerment and people being welcome in a room. But it was after the talk that I realized how moved I was. People sharing what they got out of the talk was incredibly moving, it made the experience all worth it. Their sharing, their connection is why I am in awe of the Ted Talk journey.