Of course I had an idea when I first applied but bringing it to life has been a challenge. I think that the preparation process has been more difficult than I originally anticipated. More often than not I think bringing your idea to the TED talk stage takes courage and support. I didn’t know that I would have so much encouragement from not only my friends and family but the TED staff as well. Now that I am further into the preparation process, I think it has been more exhilarating and demanding than what I expected when I applied.

The best part about the preparation process so far has been the response from the people closest to me. They have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic. It has been a great experience to share my idea with the people I know and trust to get honest feedback. The ability to talk to people about my subject and the amazing and inspirational ideas that come from TED talks has been a wonderful way to connect with others.

Now that the initial shock of my acceptance has subsided, a lot of the doubt has as well. For me, the most challenging part of preparing for the talk has been condensing all of my ideas on the subject down into an 18-minute talk. I think we all have great ideas, but the challenge is how to communicate those ideas to others.

I’m excited to be able to share my idea through a platform that I have always looked to for ideas and inspiration. I have had the opportunity to open up conversations about my idea with others which is very important to me. The more time I spend preparing, the more I look forward to the final product!