From the first time that I saw the promotional advertisement for TedX MSU Denver in The Early Bird, I felt in my spirit that this was my time, my opportunity to share with the world.

Initially, I possessed the enthusiasm and confidence to take the “go for it” spirit that my close friend says that I possess and complete the application process.  But, as the days passed and the application deadline loomed, self-doubt began to set in.

“Katrina, what are you thinking, no one wants to hear your journey, your idea?”

Then the day before or the day of the application due date, it felt like “now or never.” So I reviewed the criterion one last time, stepped outside on my front porch with my 2yr old and 7 year old bouncing the basketball joyfully in the driveway, as little boys do, and began typing.  After making a bargaining agreement with my little ones that if they hold the balls while Mommy recorded a “quick 30 second video,” popsicles for everyone!

Well, about 10 takes later, my 30 second video was completed and approved by my husband, mother, and college friend and ready to submit.

It wasn’t perfect, my hair was a bit disheveled, and I had no make-up or filters to hide blemishes, but it was unapologetically ME!

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