Wow, what a ride this new endeavor has been! I must say that this summer with 4 children to entertain has been a bit of a circus. With that said convincing my husband that “SURE” I can be their “Camp Counselor” during the summer to avoid the daily grind of summercamp drop-offs and pickups is proving to be “more than a notion” as we say in Texas.

Having said that, I have been busy cultivating the defining points of how I will change the way you view universal healthcare (so to speak), but it’s all in my head at the moment because my role as “Camp Counselor” and teaching summer school has left me little time to write anything down.

The good part about that is, you don’t have to sit through a scripted rendition of “Here is what I have to say; Listen to me” talk. The other side to that very same coin is that I am very possibly screaming on the inside, at any given moment, at the thought of being on a live stage, in front of all you, hanging on to hear what it is that makes what I have to say “such a BIG IDEA!” This is a little intimidating to say the least…lol.

Did I mention that in this brief summer preparation time, I carpooled a minivan of middle schools basketball boys to Wichita for a Basketball Tournament, served my duty as Class President to plan and host our 20yr reunion in Houston this past June, escorted my rising 9th grader to a Teen Leadership Conference to develop his leaderships skills, passion for philanthropy and civic responsibility, flew out to Vegas for a week of youth Basketball Tournament action coupled with a slew of flying grasshoppers as they invaded the sin city like a plague, but that’s not all…we literally just finished touring the original nation’s capital, known as the State House in Boston, MA (where the 1st reading of the U.S. Constitution occurred back in 1776).

I was supposed to stick to 300 words, but the magnitude of how this experience is growing and stretching this working, homeschooling, “wife-ing,” mother of 4 can’t really be explained or captured in a clip, because it’s all a part of the bigger journey and bigger picture.