“Wow! This experience has been not only life-altering, but life-changing. The unique design of the TedXMSU Denver mentoring Team was a huge part of the dynamic experience that each of us shared. The Meet-and-Greet, the social gatherings, and the training sessions all helped to develop confidence as well as our toolbox for future presentations.

The overall feedback to “The Cost to Labor” presentation was very engaging with many attendees reporting having heard this information for the first time, despite the growing body of research available. Because of this, the cause to continue to champion for change in presenting as well as consultation with health care providers and facilities is needed.

Since 2018, A Mother’s Serenity-RN, a community-based service, has offered to build a bridge from the hospital to the home. This multi-faceted aspect of improving access to health care does so by bringing Registered Nurses into the home to help with prevention, assessment, education, collaborative health interventions and incorporation of community resources. Caring for Mothers and their newborns in their home provides one-to-one visits with dedicated time and cultivation of relationships.

While this answers the call to ensure that African-American women have access to a Registered Nurse as a liaison to their Primary Care Provider with more frequent visits and Assessments, the overall change to how we progressively move towards meeting the preventative and tertiary needs of all child-bearing families, improves health outcomes for all women and reduces health care costs to our system of Managed Health-Care.

For more information on how you can be a part of the change, please contact me directly at AMothersSerenityRN@gmail.com.”