I’ve always been drawn to groups of women that support and empower one another. I’m fortunate to work for an organization that brings together amazing, incredible women, whose collective energy is creating so much movement in the advancement of women in business. It was because of one of the women in that community that I was able to find the courage to apply for this opportunity in the first place. She is incredible in her own right and for her to believe in me…well there are no words. I have always searched for more opportunities, applied myself harder, and gone the extra mile because of strong, amazing women who inspire me and push me to do more.

This drive and this push started from having such an amazing, supportive, and hard-working mother that didn’t believe in glass ceilings. She was one of the first women in her advertising firm, a small business owner, incredibly smart and so brave. You can see her beaming with support in this photo while she’s watching me speak publicly. As I’m writing this, she’s in the throes of dementia and losing part of what made her so powerful. I don’t think it’s at all a coincidence that this opportunity has come my way at exactly this time.

There is a level of excitement, followed by nerves when you take an opportunity that’s presented to you that makes you put yourself out there in new ways – when you take risks and try something new. Although public speaking isn’t new for me, speaking at an event like TEDx is. As good as I feel after speaking publicly, the nerves, rapid heartbeat and loss of sleep always makes me ask myself how I got into this. I think a lot of us can all relate to that. Despite all of that, words cannot express how honored I am to have been selected.

I am looking forward to this opportunity, the encouragement, the energy, the strength and knowledge of TEDx and all it brings, to take me through this next phase in life. I can’t wait to share it with my mom and do the women in my tribe proud.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!