I have a list of guiding principles that I follow weekly to ensure I’m living this second half of my life to its fullest. One of those principles is doing something that makes me feel uncomfortable daily. It’s usually not too monumental. Pick up the phone and call someone for a meeting as opposed to an email, work an extra hour when I really want to head home, get up at 5am and meditate…nothing that sounds too difficult, right? Just some slight discomfort.

However, lately I’ve been feeling as though I need to get credit for some major discomfort. Preparing for this Ted Talk is the single most uncomfortable thing I’ve done in my life. Which is hard to believe given that my job requires me to speak often in front of audiences of up to 500-plus people. I spent this weekend reviewing Ted Talks online. I thought it would be good to do some research and get inspiration. There is such amazing content out there and so many incredible speakers. And yes, I was inspired, but it invoked a fear inside of me that was so powerful.
How ironic then is it that my Ted Talk is about creating much needed change in our society and how I have rarely seen change happen in moments of comfort? Being uncomfortable is the only way I’ve seen real change happen.

Now I’m inspired. I’m experiencing change within myself right now as I’m writing this. I’m going to take this discomfort forward and use it to heighten my talk. To evoke passion and empowerment in the audience to do the same. To get more comfortable being uncomfortable and using that feeling to create change in our society.

I’m still so nervous on my Ted Journey, but I know I’ll be in a safe place for transformative thoughts. It doesn’t get much better than that. There’s no better place to be uncomfortable.