Candelaria and Lee are student workers at the Writing Center at Metropolitan State University of Denver, which is where they met and hit it off after discovering their shared love of radical politics and feminist philosophy.

Candelaria, a self-described punk skateboarder and academic, is majoring in English with a concentration in composition and rhetoric, and minoring in philosophy. In pursuit of a career in higher education, he wishes to develop his master’s thesis on anarchist pedagogies and social activism in the near future. As an activist of social justice and intersectionality, Candelaria seeks to dismantle, or at least disrupt, all unjust hierarchies, especially in everyday life.

Lee majors in philosophy and is working on two minors: one in psychology and the other in an Individualized Degree Program minor titled Ideology Estadounidense. Areas in which Lee plans to work include autonomy, identity theory, relationship theory, access within inclusivity versus exclusivism, and critical theory. They will also continue their work on the infinite predicate of god, which is their honors thesis topic, within philosophy of religion. They hope to attend the New School in New York to pursue their graduate career.

The co-authorship of Candelaria and Lee on this presentation reflects their topic of horizontal resource-sharing, as well as their ideas on the necessary nature of collaboration for the metastasis of knowledge.


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