I just finished teaching ballet class, a ballet class taught to a sound track inspired by Post Malone, a soundtrack offered up by one of my students.  Yup.  We did ballet to Post Malone and it was a fabulous start to an 8am class on a Monday morning. 

My students are constantly teaching me what is possible.  They are my inspiration for applying to be a performer for TEDx.  Their many creative views on life and art are a constant inspiration to expand my own perspectives. I wanted to give them an opportunity to share their thoughts and talents with a wider audience.  Also, being an avid listener to TEDx talks, I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

Actually, when any opportunity arises to form a collaborative piece with students and other faculty at MSU Denver, I cannot resist giving it a go.  Collaborative art is such a rich process and an amazing exchange of ideas.  Everyone in the process comes out the other side having learned something and taught something.  That exchange is invaluable. We learn to communicate with one another and our audience in such a unique and fulfilling way.  In an age when communication is often based on abbreviated texts, communicating through live movement, music and imagery feels like an incredible gift.

When I received the news that we were accepted, the first thing I did was get in touch with my students and other collaborators.  I am so thrilled to start the process of developing this piece.  The thought of actually putting together a TEDx performance is intimidating, but the opportunity to create with a group of talented humans overwhelms any fear.  We cannot wait to share the result of our process with you!

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