When I (Jacob) found out about the opportunity to play a Tedx event, I felt very excited and compelled to apply, because Tedx has always been something that I had watched, and inspired me to want to be better, and push myself forward while at the same time giving me a new perspective. I also saw it as an opportunity to give something to an organization that had already given me so much. The performance that comes to mind is the one with Reggie Watt, because it not only pushed me to be a better musician and performer, but also it showed me the only real boundary was me.  If you are creative enough and driven enough, you can make amazing things happen for yourself, and create beautiful moments for everybody around you.

So I applied and awaiting a response was a little bit nerve-wracking because it seems to be this far off thing that for my entire life I had thought about as a fantasy and it kind of seemed a bit surreal that I even got a chance to apply but those moments weren’t nearly as surreal as the moment when I got accepted and I remembered that very vividly. I was with a group of friends it was after the show we were all just hanging out talking about music and stuff and I get a notification on my phone and I leave the room to go and check it and I let out a verbal shriek when I saw that I had gotten accepted because it was like a dream come true I was just so excited that I would be able to share my music with an organization that in the beginning of my musical career pushed me too chase my dreams and follow my heart.

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