I don’t think I had any expectations when I first applied. It was a blur, at first, and to my surprise, the thought, “I don’t deserve this” never crossed my mind. The way everything fell into place has made me certain that this is where I belong.

As Will Smith’s dad said, “Luck is opportunity meets preparation”.

I am preparing to talk about a topic that is very meaningful and personal to me. My heart is in it and I’m looking forward to sharing.

The best part about preparing my talk has been that the more I practice it, the more things seem to click. It’s like the talk is already made, floating out there in the universe, waiting to be formally manifested. My job is to put in the time and effort to become worthy of it.

The most challenging part is also the second-best part, which is learning about myself. Authenticity and honesty are very important to me and it has been a bit stressful to make sure everything I say is rooted in truth. No matter what others gain from this talk, the promise I’m making to myself is to remain honest and authentic. If the talk became popular, I wouldn’t want anything I said to not represent me and the message. That has been an overwhelming thought.

The thing I am most excited about is the momentum that is building. Even after one training session, I am starting to feel more confident and that what I have to say will affect a life or few. Maybe help people move toward changing the way they think. And if I’m dreaming real big, empower them to make the world around them a better place.