This was an incredible experience that I would have never guessed would happen. I made an effort to take it all in while I was there. I have a tendency to rush through things and miss out on the details. A friend recently taught me a tip for “living in the moment”: Look around and notice 5 things.

I remember the audience, the TEDxMSUDenver sign at the back of the stage, the light/camera hanging from the ceiling, my professor who came up and chatted with me after my talk and the red dot carpet at the center of the stage that I stood on.

The best part about this experience was sharing a space throughout the day with incredible minds and voices. At our last gathering, a few speakers mentioned some things that they had noticed, one of which being that their faith in humanity was restored. I absolutely agree with that. Being a part of a community like this, of people who want to change the world and truly have loads of good in their hearts, people who made a sacrifice of their time, energy and overcoming fears for the sake of getting their message heard, has changed the way I see strangers now in my everyday life.

Being among this group has restored my trust in the people around me. For example, at the grocery store, I wouldn’t assume the best of the busy people rushing around me. Now, when I go, I see more smiles and experience less tension. You never know what message or good someone is holding inside of them. I am so fortunate to have been involved in something that forced me to extract this message and good from myself. I’m so blessed to have made some amazing connections with new people, who in the past, would have intimidated me. Now, I want to learn how to bottle THIS feeling and message and teach it too.