What made me want to apply for this TEDx talk was a mentor of mine. She told me about MSU hosting a TEDx for alumni and thought I should apply.

I said…really?

What do you think if I gave a talk about “blah”, something that had been on my mind, and when she gave me “the look”, you know “the look” that a mother gives a child that they better do something, and I applied.

Moving from an idea dancing my head to an application was tough.

I am sure many of us think about the ideas we would share if we had a platform, but getting those semi-random thoughts to an application, ended up being a challenge that I did not think I would be able to rise to. But draft after draft, and cup of coffee after cup of coffee, the application was finished. I hit submit and was kind of proud of myself for the simple act of applying, truly thinking it wouldn’t stand a chance.

When I received the email saying that it was accepted, I still didn’t believe it. As I type this blog post for the talk, I still don’t believe it. There is a warm feeling that you get sharing your thoughts and feelings with others that do not know you, and for them to let you know that you may be on to something, and that you are not crazy, is a feeling I am at a lost to put a word on.

I am beyond excited to share my talk on the TED stage, and the only thing surpassing my excitement is my nervousness. To me the TED stage is like a chance to play in a championship. So, I am nervous, but I can’t wait to play.